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The sensibility that we manifested in this two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Madrid is that this home is the gathering place for a large family that is dispersed around the world. Our aim was to create a contrast between simplicity and comfort. LESS IS ALWAYS MORE.


An open space floor plan was our main focus, we wanted to create a unified space with a touch of coziness. The terrace, with its very large windows, designed to take full advantage of nature and light, played a big part in our design process and the reason why we decided to opt for a neutral color palette.


The owner insisted for the rooms to be comfortable and versatile (in case more family members come) so we decided to give texture with wallpapers and give prominence to headboards to give it a comfy look.

For the main room, the vanity was the big focus, so we decided to go BIG with a full mirror and a top shelve with different vases to give it a dramatic style.

Our vision was to create a refined yet warm atmosphere, where the owner could relax and host family.

The idea was to blend our client's DNA with our eclectic style to create a comfortable home with personality.


Take a home tour of  the apartment

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