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1530_In Salustiano_0146.jpg


Our clients knew exactly what the wanted and they made sure we understood it when we started this project. They have a passion for art and modern pieces, the aesthetic they were aiming for was that of a new york apartment with contemporary style.

We chose a light stone grey color for the walls to compliment the floor and the living room is the heart of this home where its owners want to make family and social life around it without disconnecting with the aesthetic part.

1530_In Salustiano_0141.jpg
1530_In Salustiano_0126 (1).jpg
1530_In Salustiano_0151.jpg
1530_In Salustiano_0152.jpg

Art plays an important role in this home because it gives personality to the space and we complement it with carefully chosen design pieces for a clean look.

Bedrooms are spacious and express the owner’s style, the second bedroom has a young vibe that is given by the wall paper and a touch of color.


In the master bedroom our inclination was for neutral colors with a fotography that fuels   the space with life and energy.

1530_In Salustiano_0045.jpg
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